Why You Should Buy from RPM

Hi my name is Pati Brightfield and I wanted to take a few minutes to explain why you should let RPM handle your cars. Yes, I said cars. We have three in your family (soon to be four-got any good deals Rudi?) and Rudi takes care of all of them. We actually met Rudi when our 1996 Town and Country Minivan started acting up. We had run out of warranty about 40,000 miles earlier and due to the frustration with Chrysler, we turned to Rudi to try to salvage "the battleship." Rudi saved her. He reworked the transmission, solved a three-year old "strange squeak" mystery, and put her back in great shape. She is not only approaching her 150,000-mile marker, but she is ready to make her eighth trip to the Gulf this summer.

Rudi also handles our daughter's 1999 VW Jetta. In fact, Rudi was the mechanic that test drove it and thoroughly examined it before we bought it for Cait. This was the first of four teenagers that we would be putting into cars and it was so important for us to feel that she was safe. While he probably would have liked to have seen her in a car that was a little less difficult to work on, he gave it his stamp of approval and we bought the car She has never had to invest in more than oil changes, a new battery, wiper blades, and a light bulb for her taillight. He was right about the car and Cait was happy. I don't need to tell you what a relief it is to have a happy teenager.

inally, Rudi sold is our third car. We had been tooling around in Ken's 1992 Camry when one of our winter storms caused a curb to jump into our path and that was all she wrote for the Camry. Having kids in four different schools and a husband who works from 6AM to 6PM, we desperately needed our third car. The Camry had served us well and Rudi knew that we were in a bind, so he offered up a car that he had worked on and was willing to sell us. The car had a few more miles on it than we really wanted, but Rudi made us and offer that we couldn't refuse. First of all, he gave the car his stamp of approval. (Given the track record on Cait's car and the fact that the "battleship" had returned to active duty, we listened up). Then he gave us a two-year or 100,000 mile warranty on everything (minus the clutch) bumper to bumper. Well, that clinched the deal. I moved out of the minivan (Ken drives her now) and back into a beautiful, black Honda Accord. She gets great gas mileage and has only needed her oil changed, and I feel ten years younger. Life is once again wonderful.

So, what is the point of this little testimonial? I won't let anyone work on my cars but Rudi. (In fact, he has one of them today - don't worry - only an oil change) He has never been anything but honest with us. In this day and age, I value that immensely. Our cars not only run well, but they are safe. I put the most important treasures in my life in these three cars everyday and Rudi knows it. He will tell me what needs to be done to the car and we go from there. I never really thought about it until today, but Rudi is more than just the "guy that fixes our cars." No, we don't socialize, we don't have kids in the same school, and we don't play on the same softball team. We just both want the car that we drive to be safe and working. He has become a family friend and we trust him.